The sad thing is that I’m not alone. When I checked Google for “LinkedIn Stalker Problem”, I was incredibly surprised to get back 292,000 results. I’d like to applaud Anna Rihtar, a victim of stalking on LinkedIn and the creator of the Change.org petition that spurred the social network to finally take action by introducing a member blocking feature. You can read more about that by following this link…http://www.buzzfeed.com/charliewarzel/linkedin-tries-to-fix-its-stalker-problem.

I suspect that my story isn’t much different from many of the others you would hear about. After I decided to sever ties with an organization that I’d been involved with for almost 5 years I experienced a relentless campaign by the leader of the organization, his daughter and their IT specialist. Things escalated to include the Compliance Officer of the worldwide organization that this guy is a licensee of. I lost track of the number of times these people have been on my LinkedIn profile but I do joke that they visit my profile more often than I do.

I always figured that if this jerk was as focused on my profile as he was (to the point of obsession) then he must see me as strong competition. One of my former colleagues used to refer to the guy as Alfred E. Neuman so you know we’re not dealing with a rocket scientist. In the meanwhile, I’ve continued to focus on building my brand and my business. It’s a big world out there and opportunity abounds. Many others are not as fortunate to take the position on this that I have. To them I’d say keep the faith. You now have the ability to block these creeps from your profile and that’s going to be a huge relief for those that have been traumatized by the experience.

To those of you that have been stalking me on LinkedIn, I’d like to say get a life!



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