I was speaking with Collingwood, ON entrepreneur Judy Garbutt (the owner of High On Health Hemp Products) last week and congratulated her on passing her audition for CBC’s The Dragon’s Den. That’s where the story got interesting for me. Judy shared with me that she didn’t even know that the auditions were taking place and just happened to show up in the right place at the right time. Here I was thinking that she’d prepared for this important audition and nailed it only to find out that she walked in cold and literally flew by the seat of her pants to get herself in front of the Dragon’s. 

Once I heard that, I wanted to see what behaviors are at play with Judy to allow her to perform at such a high level under pressure, without practice and without the fear of failure. When I told her about the psychometric and behavioral assessment work I do with my clients and asked if she’d be willing to complete the McQuaig™ Word Survey, she jumped at the opportunity. As soon as I saw her behavioral assessment the word that came to mind was entrepreneur. According to the results of her McQuaig™ behavioral profile, Judy is: 
  • Competitive, goal oriented, looks for challenges and holds herself accountable
  • Friendly, sociable, empathetic and develops rapport easily
  • Very restless, energetic, has a strong sense of urgency and responds well to pressure
  • Enjoys autonomy, making decisions, can cope with ambiguity and doesn’t need a great deal of structure

Judy Garbutt is a woman on a mission. If you meet her she’s engaging, tells a compelling story about her business and truly is one of those unforgettable people you come across from time to time. She is who she is due to her DNA. Here are some of the strengths that her behavioral assessment lists:
  • Driving change - Share your enthusiasm. You may be just the shot in the arm that your peers need. Get your team to rally around a new idea…then be the one to step up and make things happen.
  • Thriving on pressure - Create friendly pressure. When the heat is on you will find it easier to get others on board if you take a participative approach. Use the energy that rallies you in emergency situations to ensure that they do not become emergencies in the first place.
  • Driving results - Take stock of your successes. Think of the specific actions you took to achieve great results and recall situations where others helped along the way. Next time you face a challenge, draw on these experiences to guide you.
  • Competing - You can increase productivity and get everyone engaged with a little healthy rivalry. Look for opportunities to beat the forecast…or your competitors.
  • Building loyalty - Bring others into your group. Act as a welcoming committee for new employees or anyone who is on the perimeter. Your efforts will be appreciated, your team will benefit and you will create a long-term ally.
  • Acting decisively - You are inclined to look at the big picture. Share your vision. Others will be more likely to support your decisions and you will benefit from their input.

Most of the organizations I’ve worked with through the years are looking for their frontline managers to embody the behaviors that come naturally to Judy Garbutt. I know from experience that a front line leader with the entrepreneurial mindset that Judy brings to the table will have an incredibly positive impact on employee engagement and align their team with the organization’s strategy. Check out a sample copy of the McQuaig™ behavioral assessment report by following the link I’ve provided here. If you’d like to know more about the behavioral traits that you bring to your organization or create a leadership development plan for yourself just click the button below.


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