I think most people have experienced those overwhelming moments in which we're faced with the stress of generating great results, under the pressure of time while also ensuring a "wow" factor customer experience. We want those clients to come back for more and the best way to do that is to provide a timely value proposition that will leave them singing your praises.

I experienced something on the weekend that got me thinking about how often organizations fail to maximize the talent they have available to them in times of stress. What I witnessed was two business owners completely engrossed in the transactional, tactical, heat of the moment, trying to solve the problem of timely product delivery while the hired help stood by and watched. Communication broke down, process flew out the window and the stress of the moment magnified.

They weren't able to take a step back and problem solve strategically. Had they been able to do that they would have clearly seen the advantage of involving the staff in the delivery of not only great product, but great customer service as well. It was one of those amazing moments in which both partners had their blinders on. They were both digging in to get the problem looked after. Unfortunately, they were both problem solving individually and as a result were way too inefficient and actually duplicated effort.

A great behavioral assessment like the McQuaig Talent Assessment system identifies the potential for these organizational blind spots. As a leader how good would it be for you to understand what the outcome of a stressful situation is going to look like? Some of us are just naturally hardwired to solve problems individually. When this happens we tend to see service and delivery bottlenecks. When leaders are hardwired this way they disregard the power of the people they have reporting to them, and try to sort things out on their own with limited or no input.

From a leadership and talent development perspective there is little you could do to negatively impact employee engagement more than sitting great talent on the bench while you solve the problem yourself. They learn nothing and you ultimately end up with a team of disengaged employees. There is an easy way to find out if you're hardwired to problem solve independently. If you'd like to know more about your own capacity click here.


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