My good friend, Grace Yvonne Attard, publishes a post on Facebook called "The Daily Grace". Today's post was about self-worth and entrepreneurship and it struck a chord with me. In Grace's words, "low self worth can play a number on entrepreneurs like nothing else can. It could result in bad hires, suboptimal charge out rates, limited vision for your company, playing with the small guys and not the big guys......all of which are detrimental to our businesses."

In the realm of Emotional Intelligence, we call it self-regard. It is the ability to respect and accept yourself - essentially liking the way you are. To have healthy self-regard is to be able to appreciate your strengths along with your weaknesses. It's seeing the positive aspects and possibilities along side of your negative aspects and limitations while still feeling good about yourself...warts and all.

Entrepreneurs and leaders with high self-regard have feelings of security and inner strength, they're self-assured, self-confident and self-adequate. It's because of these feelings that they have no trouble openly and appropriately acknowledging when they have made mistakes, are wrong or don't know all the answers. The flip side is to have feelings of inadequacy and inferiority...try running an enterprise of any size while you're dealing with that!

There are a number of containment strategies that will help to get you back on the right path:

  • Take stock of your strengths and pinpoint your areas of relative strength that you are able to leverage most
  • Recognize independent achievements
  • Recognize successful efforts
  • Celebrate achievements and rewards
  • Set reasonable goals for yourself (start with 1 short, 1 mid and 1 long range goal)
  • Write those goals down and keep them front and center
  • Share the goals you just set with someone that's important to you (close friend, partner/spouse or a coach)
  • Conduct regular reviews of your progress with the person that you shared your goals with
You'll know you've got your mojo back when you start accepting yourself and begin feeling confident again. It's amazing what a focus on positive results and achievements can do for your sense of inner strength. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the impact of self-regard when it comes to entrepreneurship or leadership in the comments section below.


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